Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, I Am Martin Eisenstadt: One Man’s (Wildly Inappropriate) Adventures with the Last Republicans, was written by Eitan Gorlin and Dan Mirvish. Widely acclaimed, this satirical memoir was listed as one of 2009’s Top 3 books by the Washington Monthly. In the voice of America’s best known fake neocon pundit, I Am Martin Eisenstadt spills the beans on growing up Republican and being an advisor in the 2008 campaign cycle. A prescient book, it spoke already in 2009 to the dysfunction of the Republican Party and predicted a multitude of scandals, including Denny Hastert’s fall from grace, in a chapter entitled, “Denny Hastert Grips My Balls.” Click here for a preview of the chapter.

Book Preview


“Laugh-out-loud funny.”
Roll Call

“Martin Eisenstadt’s new memoir…is essential reading for all political junkies.”
Ken Silverstein, Harper’s

“Consistently funny…. Eisenstadt’s creators are shrewd observers of Washington…. I intend it as real praise when I say that ‘I Am Martin Eisenstadt’ is the best fake memoir of the campaign season.”
Joshua Green, Washington Monthly

“What Stephen Colbert is to Bill O’Reilly, Martin Eisenstadt is to countless political pundits. Hilarious…biting commentary on Washington, DC.”
Jeremy Jacobs, Politics Magazine

“Eisenstadt was the ingenious Internet concoction of two filmmakers, Eitan Gorlin and Dan Mirvish—a fictitious pundit working out of a non-existent think tank. His is a certain personality type taken to its logical and hilarious extreme…the narrative is consistently both entertaining and thought-provoking.”
Yair Rosenberg, Harvard Crimson

“It’s a fiendishly fun book, full of startling revelations: Eisenstadt lost his virginity to Oliver North’s secretary, Fawn Hall; was taken hostage by Somali pirates en route to Egypt; and tipped the press to Mark Foley’s career-ending text messages….A very clever book certain to delight political wonks.”
David Pitt, ALA Booklist

Howard Kurtz, CNN

“Washington has no shortage of pundits who pretend to know what they’re talking about. But there’s a real dearth of pretend pundits—and even fewer who will talk about why they’re pretending in the first place.”
Rick Klein, ABC News

“Eitan and Dan’s stunt simply proved what everyone already knew—24-hour news can easily fall victim to sensationalism. But more importantly, the authors and the book are funny, and we should all relax and take ourselves a little less seriously.”
Amos Hochstein, Chris Dodd’s former deputy campaign manager, quoted in the Washington Post

“He’s been described as Stephen Colbert on the loose…. The fake pundit has made friends with former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart, who hosted a book party at his Embassy Row home Wednesday night.”
The Washington Examiner

“This Martin Eisenstadt character is pure genius.”
Mori Dinauer, The American Prospect

“It’s great fun!”
—David Chalian, ABC News Political Director

“Eisenstadt’s political career may be over, but Mirvish and Gorlin’s has just begun.”
—Dana Harris, Variety

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